Eliminating the Dreaded Golf Slice with Andrew McLardy

Whether a beginner or a seasoned golfer, I’m sure slicing your ball out of play is a common and aggravating error. Watch as PGA Pro Andrew McLardy demonstrates ways in which you can eliminate the DREADED golf slice.

(Live from The Golfers Club – Fourways)


3 MIND-BLOWING offers that have us convinced that Legend have LOST THEIR MINDS!

Don’t you just marvel at the idea of having unlimited access to Legend’s famous Signature 18 Hole golf course, their exceptional dining & entertainment facilities & their spectacular bounty of nature & wildlife? However, we all know that luxurious offers such as these usually comes at premium prices…right?


Here are 3 unbelievable offers that have us thinking that Legend Golf and Safari Resort have completely gone insane!!

  1. Golf Memberships at only R 7500 per year (which includes unlimited golf, a Saga membership card & access to member events and Competitions).
  2. Golf rates starting at a ridiculously low price of R225 per golfer and R300 for Gauteng golfers.
  3. 50% off your individual booking when 3 of your friends book their Birdie Special.

With that being said, the #FindingBrian campaign is in FULL swing and if you’re reading this then you’re either A BRIAN or know of a BRAIN in your network.

“Who is Brian?” I hear you ask…

Every golf club has at least one BRIAN who spends more time at the club than your average joe and who is an influencer in his/her own right. He or she will organize at least one golf trip, golf day or golf getaway for his/her group of friends.

If you and your golf group LIKE better rates and like to score, and if you think that YOU are indeed a “Brian” visit the following link: http://hyperurl.co/iambrian.