Nothing Short of LEGENDARY!

Earlier this year, the Cloud9Golf team packed our bags & headed for our much anticipated road trip to the glorious and renowned Legend Golf & Safari Resort. Not only were we blown-away by the friendliness & efficiency of each and every staff member we crossed paths with, but were also GOBSMACKED by Legend’s ravishing golf, wildlife & entertainment facilities, their salivating selection of delectable foods which we were treated to at EVERY meal, and most of all, the resorts incredible infrastructure which in so many ways gives credence to Africa’s rich & broad heritage.

If I had to describe every specific element of the trip to you, I’d surely take up the remainder of the space on our blog. Seeing as both space on this blog is limited, and so is your time, I will share 3 short fragments of what we collectively agree were the most memorable moments of our trip to Legend!

Our exhilarating helicopter ride past the extreme 19th hole

Known as the world’s highest and longest par 3 & the ONLY one of its kind, the extreme 19th hole is a much talked about Golfing Footprint in our country. We’ve been told that golfers around the world marvel at the idea & rejoice at the actualization of teeing off the top of a cliff with a breath-taking view of the resort in its entirety, and watch with anticipation as their golf ball disappears into the depths of this gigantic landscape in hopes that it will make its landing somewhere near the green down below. And what better way to enjoy this experience than by being transported to & from this magical location by helicopter?

Anyway, with us being non-golfers and with the sole-purpose of our visit being an educational trip, SEEING let alone being transported to the extreme 19th hole was nothing but a figment of our wildest imaginations. Climbing into a helicopter whilst technically “at work” seemed a bit far-fetched right ?? WRONG !!!. Before we could utter the word “EXTREME”, we were rushed outside, made to sign indemnity forms for ‘God knows what’ and before we knew it, we fell into in the seats of this larger than life helicopter, were instructed to quickly tie our seatbelts & thrust headphones over our ears and… INTO THE AIR WE WENT! **Speechless**. What followed after that were deafening screams of fear and excitement, & the holding onto one another’s arms as the pilot ferociously sent us skyrocketing and zooming over the entire resort. We may very well mark that as one of the most thrilling experiences we’ve been exposed to date, thanks to these two masterful (& VERY SNEAKY) “planners” named Pete Richardson (GM at Legend) & Gina Read (Managing Director & Owner of Cloud9Golf). They literally caught us by complete surprise & astonishment!

A wild Game Drive through the resort

A game drive that was meant to be tranquil & scenic turned into one heck of a joy ride! Considering the fact the Cloud9Golf team is filled with crazy & irreverent personalities, should this really come as a surprise to anyone? The animals that form part of Legends bushveld had probably never seen a group this wild & unruly in their entire existence! I could even go so far as to say that the animals spectated us instead of us spectating them. *Hides.* In light of our rowdy behaviour, the fact that we did not see as many animals as we had hoped to see is more than likely our own fault than anyone else’s. We recon that the animals hid in fear thinking that we were indeed predators from the human race. Luckily, we were able to get a shot of a baby Rhino, a few kudu’s, our beautiful selves (*wink wink*) and of course our AWESOME & entertaining game ranger who made the experience THAT much more enjoyable for us. 
So admittedly, our microscopic experience of the rich wildlife that is home to Legend is distorted evidence of the vast wildlife that the resort holds.

Exposure to World-Class Golf & Entertainment Facilities

Legend’s clubhouse, which for the most part bears tribute to the 18 golfing legends who partook in the design of each of the distinctive holes on Legend’s Signature Golf Course, is in & of itself a masterpiece of epic proportions. As we entered the doors of this newly renovated clubhouse, we were greeted by framed pictures & prized golf bags belonging to these legendary golfers, craftfully displayed on the walls near the entrance to the venue. After Pete (GM at Legend) had showed us around the clubhouse (which by the way is brimming with the most beautiful contemporary architecture & finishes), we dined at their inviting restaurant where we were served a magnificent & hearty lunch whilst Pete delved deeper into explanation of why Legend’s Signature golf course is one of the most unique golf courses in the world. Its main uniqueness lies in the known fact that the 18 holes were intricately designed by 18 of the World top golfers therefore the course encompasses the heart & spirit of golf in its rawest form.

That is our experience of Legend in a nutshell! Believe you me, there is sooo much to this Golfing & Holiday destination than the short piece I’ve written above. For more information about the resort & its amazing facilities, visit their please visit their website at .

The Finding Brian Campaign kicks off!

Part of the reason we indulged in this experience, was for Cloud9Golf to become the faces of the “Finding Brian” campaign recently launched by Legend Lodges..

Legend is on the HUNT for the GO-TO guy for Golf Events & Golf-Getaways, someone who is an influencer in his own right & in the golfing space.
Are you Brian..??? Contact US & let’s CHAT!

Email if YOU are Brian or know of a Brian in your network…

9 Guaranteed Ways to Host a Successful & Memorable Golfing Event!

After 12 years of growing an developing my Cloud9Golf baby, I can confidently and proudly say I’ve clocked the mastery hours in the arena of hosting golf events!

And I truly believe we achieve the best through collaboration and sharing knowledge. My team and I are proud to present 9 Guaranteed Ways To Make Your Golf Day Exceptional & Memorable. It’s a fun easy to read blog, sharing top insights and tips learned through personal experience on the field and with clients. What’s awesome too is that many of the insights are applicable to the hosting of any event! So here it goes…

1. Make an impression with your goodie/gift bag per golfer

There’s no escaping this one. You will need to allocate budget towards gifts for your guests. You want them raving post your golf event about the amazing goodie bag they received from you!

Step 1: Confirm spend per golfer.

Step 2: Ensure the most value for your money.

Step 3: Include items of value to a golfer e.g. sunscreen, golf tees, golf marker, pencil, bottle of water, 4-play 2 pay golf course 50% discount vouchers.

Step 4 – maximise the branding/exposure at your fingertips and ensure the gift bag has your company logo on and offers exposure + longevity post the golf day.

Imagine the impression you would make giving golfers a goodie bag worth R21 000 that only cost you R165?!! Whatever the extra spend you now allocate, will blow them away.. for sure!!!

So how DO YOU get the most value for your spend per golfer?..

Look for gifting suppliers who can offer you more value than what you spend & leverage their partnerships and experience in the industry to make your money go further.

It makes sense! There are gifting suppliers who can give you goodie bags, with content worth 10, 20, 30 times than what it would cost you if you sourced that content on your own!

2. High energy presence representing your company

“Highest energy wins” – Blaire Singer

Energy is infectious!!! Energy is memorable!!!

Make sure your representatives are full of beans and welcoming!

3. Understanding golf etiquette is a must

• The number 1 most annoying thing to golfers, besides team members arriving late for tee-offs, are promo girls who are shy, giggle and talk on golfer’s backswings!

• Whilst a number of companies sponsoring holes feel that young pretty girls are a must, unless they are confident, project professionally and have an understanding of golf etiquette, they are actually not doing themselves nor their brand any favours.

4. Know what you want to communicate on the day

Besides brand exposure and awareness, the key objectives you want to ensure you achieve are:

• To have quality time with clients or potential clients.
• To network or thank your clients – client recognition.
• To distinguish your company from your competition.

You have a captive audience, a great opportunity to make an impression, share a message and “educate” a high LSM target market about your company.

Invest time before the event, brainstorming what you want to ensure is communicated about your company on the day, and make sure the representatives on the day are crystal clear on this objective too. Alternatively, source a professional events and promotions company that can perform this function whether it’s a golf day or a hole promotion and add value!

5. Select prizes that are golf related + don’t forget about the other 91%

• It is a golf event after all. Think about things that a golfer would like to win.
• Be careful of going for prizes, just for the sake of it, and remember that +- 9% of your field have a great day out on the course, so reward them appropriately.
• Don’t forget the other 91% who, whilst might not have got a great golf result, might also like to win a prize and has a reason to stay for the prize-giving dinner.
• We all like to win, so consider a couple of Lucky Draws? This is far more exciting than winning a toaster or a braai in 25th position!
• Here too, look for service providers who have established relationships with golf related services, products and offerings and leverage those relationships to get better value on prizes.

6. Tap into a golfer’s “bucket list”

Golf lovers will have golf specific items on their bucket list. Like playing at certain of the top, most exclusive South African golf resorts. What better way to make an impression than by having a prize from one of these prestigious destinations?

7. If you outsource golf day elements – choose service provider flexible to meet your needs

• A golf day is a truly unique occasion and is probably the most admin-intensive event to host.
• Ensure your invited guests are golfers, and it’s vitally important to get the necessary information in advance to run a credible and enjoyable day for all. Information like handicap, golf club membership, shirt size, cell number and special dietary requirements.
• Communication prior to the event is of the utmost importance to set a professional tone.
• As the host of a golf day, YOU should be focussing on your clients and not on the event! Choose service providers who are flexible to meeting your needs, and add value – service providers with a win-win mindset.

8. Hospitality is key – offer more to drink and exciting food options

The only real complaint we have received at golf days is that there wasn’t enough to drink! Remember, even if it isn’t hot out there, the average golfer spends 4 and a half hours – 5 hours on the golf course and refreshment holes on each 9 immediately puts your event or sponsored hole as a WIN! Golfers rave about holes where they could grab a beer, an Energade, a water – ANYTHING ICE COLD to drink! Shooters are fun, but ensure you have other cold beverages too – not everybody drinks and you want to make sure that you cater and appeal to all tastes.

So this is yet another opportunity to make an impression, by sourcing innovative food and beverage options. It’s worth investing in sourcing service providers who have partnerships with creative and innovative food & beverage suppliers, and have negotiated great prices already, and only represent the best!

9. If you’re fundraising, ensure superb prizes to maximise raffle ticket sales

The better the prizes, the easier it is to sell tickets. And the more tickets sold, the more money raised. Since these are golfers, brainstorm ideas and options that would excite a golfer.