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In the wake of what is now referred to as the “information era” which consists of crowds of salesmen and marketers competing for the attention & loyalty of consumers, Entrepreneurs and Businesses are faced with the increasingly complex task of having to find innovative ways of reaching their targeted audiences, and in addition to that – developing effective strategies to convert those very audiences into paying clients.

As a relatively small business operating in a competitive industry and in the new age of marketing and information overload, we ask ourselves – how do we & other small businesses effectively capture the minds, hearts & wallets of the masses? And more importantly, how do we target the right customers with the right information at the right time?

Whilst digital marketing has revolutionized the playing field by seamlessly bringing businesses closer to their consumers than ever before (resultantly becoming the epicentre of every company’s marketing strategy), we still believe that more immediate ways of connecting to future prospects also exist – good old face-to-face NETWORKING being one of them.


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Sometimes, finding new sources of revenue for a business requires getting up and out of our office chairs, away from computer screens and going out there and meeting people in person. And what better way to facilitate lucrative business connections than by attending a Networking Expo?

Whilst taking part in Networking Expo’s offers a multitude of benefits to small businesses, we thought we’d summarize them into the following 3 KEY ADVANTAGES:

  1. They offer the opportunity to meet & connect with like-minded professionals who may very well become quality business partners or suppliers.
  2. They are an easy and viable way to showcase your products and services to an already receptive audience in a fun & non-intrusive setting.
  3. They increase awareness of your business within your community thereby generating new leads and offering the opportunity of scoring top quality referrals.

Whether a budding entrepreneur or SME owner in search of new leads, business connections and heightened exposure within your community, both the Cloud9Golf & team would like to invite you to join us in accelerating our businesses by booking a stand at the Crunchtime Expo taking place on 16 & 17 March at the Fourways Farmers Market.

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