Let’s face it, LAUGHTER IS the “BEST Medicine!”

I am absolutely delighted and thrilled to announce Al Prodgers Comedy’s partnership with Cloud9Golf!   I am a firm believer in VALUE and LAUGHTER and partnering with Al is such a priviledge.  With my 15 years experience in organising Golf Events and Al’s expertise in making people laugh, I think we have put together the “PERFECT COMEDY PACKAGE” tailored specifically for Golf Days who offer an “experience,” rather than just the “same old same old ….”

Firstly, in today’s climate where money is definitely a concern and value a priority, paying R25 000 for a Comedy Show firstly doesn’t meet many client’s budgets and with time always a concern, a full 45 minute set during a prize-giving really isn’t practical.  Most Golf Days are “done and dusted” by no later than 8pm thanks to the drinking laws, so no one really wants to hang around for looooooong prize-givings.   Al & I have put together a 20-30 minute Comedy Package exclusive for Golf Days for an affordabe R9000!

We believe our package offers the perfect length of time for a couple of GOOD LAUGHS and a great value package for some fun and laughter in your Prize-Giving taking your event TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

Al has also branded a Pocket of Tissues for give-aways at Cloud9Golf’s Bull’s Eye Sponsored Hole Activations for “WIPING AWAY TEARS OF LAUGHTER” or tears of sadness if you don’t win the R65 000 Game of Life Hole-in-1 on the day…. nifty little give-away and always good to have in your golf bag 🙂

The very “dry” and funny Mr Al Prodgers Golf Day Comedy Package can be booked through Cloud9Golf or directly with Ulandi Annandale – her details below.  Al and Cloud9Golf firmly believe that each client is unique and it is important to meet with clients in person, so all you have to do is download THIS VOUCHER, quote Cloud9Golf and Al will set up a meeting to come and meet with your personally!

For more info on Al, click HERE …… happy laughs from Gina at Cloud9Golf!  Al Prodgers Comedy looks forward to taking your event TO THE NEXT LEVEL at an affordable R9000!

Ulandi Annandale
074 580 6040


Gina Read
082 805 6098